Hindu Forum Europe celebrated World Environment Day

The WorLd Environment Day Program was held on 9th June 12.00 pm onward EU TIME for three hours. There were 12 speakers from different countries. The inaugural address was given by Her Highness First Vice President of European Parliament Ms Mairaid McGuiness. She highlighted the Biodiversity strategy being followed by Europe to restore the Environmental Challenges. Her Grace Sister Jayanti talked on the Three Basic Principles of Non-Violence, Compassion & Respect which can bring inner peace. All the speakers highlighted how to safeguard our environment in different ways. This was broadcasted live on HFE Facebook, website and YouTube. 

I sincerely thank you all for being with Hindu Forum Europe and encouraging us to engage in Nature-friendly & social activities.

Dr. Lakshmi Vyas


Visiting Professor, AUSN

IWCC and Women’s faith leader, Religion for Peace

SACRE member – Royal Borough of Greenwich, UK

Work with IARF, ECRL, HMB, HFB and UK Women Network