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The Scientology Sea Organization celebrates its 53rd Anniversary

By Ivan Arjona Pelado.

President of the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights

It was Saturday 12th August in 1967, in the Canary Islands, Spain, that L. Ron Hubbard formed what is known as the Sea Organization, which was created and operated from a ship, and from that its name.

What it started as a dozen of dedicated members directly assisting Mr. Hubbard in the advanced research of the Scientology religion and helping manage the protection, safety, and expansion of Scientology, has to date overgrown to more than 6000 members that dedicate their life, skills, and efforts to make Scientology reachable and available to all mankind.

While the spread of Scientology and its social programs to more than 190 countries could have not been possible without the participation and contributions of energy and dedicated time of parishioners around the Globe, none of them will give you a different answer as to how come it happened. The most common and agreed answer is clear: The Sea Organization.

For Mr. Hubbard, not even 1 and 1/2 decade after the establishment of the first church of Scientology, it became crystal clear that purity and expansion of our truly humanitarian movement could not achieve its peace and freedom goals unless a spiritually and physically dedicated group of selfless beings would join together, roll up their sleeves and do whatever it would take to save mankind from the ignorance, oppression, and wars (with weapons or economy) in which human beings are so prone to trap themselves with.

Thanks to Ron, we in the Sea Org, and we in Scientology as a whole, have been lucky enough to count on a leadership, Mr. David Miscavige, who has exponentially improved the standards of every church and parishioners to a better life and the safest trip towards spiritual freedom. The same person who looks not only to the expansion of our religion but who is also setting a worldwide example on how humanitarian problems must get solved at once and so have a safer planet for all, regardless of nation, color, race, or religion.

So, whether you are a Scientologist or not, whether you know a member of the Sea Organization or not, be sure of one thing: they will do whatever it takes, in full compliance with The Way To Happiness and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to make of yours a better life.

And it is for this reason that in this 53rd Anniversary of this young (in eternity) but mature (in dedication and results) religious order I would like you to join me on giving the acknowledgment and respect that each one of its members deserves.