Hatchery highlights for July: Notable fish stockings around the state

Idaho Fish and Game is stocking 178,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout throughout the state in July.

With so many fish stocked in so many places, it can be hard for anglers to sift through the stocking forecasts and records to identify noteworthy stocking events. To make it easier, we asked Fish and Game hatchery staff to highlight some stocking events for the month.

Many of the waters highlighted below are easy to access, family-friendly fishing destinations. All you need to get started is a fishing license and some basic tackle. Annual adult fishing licenses cost around $30, junior licenses (ages 14-17) cost $16, and youth under 14 fish for free. Click here to buy a license.

Fishing for stocked rainbow trout, particularly in community ponds, is a great way to introduce new anglers to the sport by using simple (and relatively thrifty) set-ups like worm/marshmallow combinations or commercial baits like Power Bait or Crave, either near the bottom or below a bobber. The Learn to Fish webpage offers diagrams for basic bait rigs.

Most Idaho waters are open to fishing year-round, but some may have slightly different rules. Be sure to pick up a 2019-21 Idaho Fishing Seasons and Rules Booklet, which outlines season dates, special regulations and bag limits at any Idaho Fish and Game offices or most sporting goods stores statewide.

Need a little help reading Idaho’s fishing regulations? Click here to view a short video on how to use the fishing season and rules book.

Panhandle Region

Day Rock Pond –  500 Rainbow Trout. This is a small pond in the Silver Valley where anglers can easily fish from the shore.

Gene Day Pond – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. Also known as Osburn Pond, this water is stocked regularly so catch rates should be good!

Elsie Lake – 1,350 Rainbow Trout. Offers excellent fishing for anglers of all skill levels. It’s a drive-to mountain lake but be cautious because the road is rough.

Lower Glidden Lake – 1,350 Rainbow Trout. This is another beautiful drive-to alpine lake. It’s a great spot for anglers of all levels and a scenic choice for a small boat. It also offers plenty of hiking trails and wildlife.

Clearwater Region

Campbell’s Pond – 2,000 Rainbow Trout. This is a scenic forest pond where anglers can expect good catch rates. There is plenty of fishing opportunity available from the bank with several docks, including one handicap-accessible dock, and a developed boat ramp.

Five Mile Pond – 800 Rainbow Trout. Resting near the bank of Crooked River, this is a popular fishing spot for anglers of all ages.

White Sands Pond – 800 Rainbow Trout. Also known as Powell Pond, it’s located adjacent to the scenic Lochsa River just a short distance off Highway 12.

Southwest Region (Nampa)

Lowman Ponds – 1,200 Rainbow Trout. Enjoy good mountain fishing along the South Fork Payette River, where diverted water from Richards Creek keeps the ponds cool through the summer. Stocked trout thrive in its clean water and take advantage of abundant damsel flies.

Middle Fork Payette River – 1,500 Rainbow Trout. Redband trout, brook trout, and stocked hatchery rainbows support this fine fishery. Access is great along a well-traveled road with good camping areas nearby.

North Fork Boise River – 3,500 Rainbow Trout. This is a popular mountain river where anglers can target a variety of salmonids within the mainstem and tributaries. Catch rates on this river won’t disappoint you!

Southwest Region (McCall)

Fischer Pond – 750 Rainbow Trout. Tucked into a city park, this pond provides good bank fishing. The pond is the cornerstone of a cooperative community effort.

Tripod Reservoir – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. This is a small mountain lake near Smith’s Ferry and is regularly stocked with rainbow trout. Check out this awesome video to get you excited to take the kids fishing!

Magic Valley Region

Big Trinity Lake – 2,000 Rainbow Trout. In addition to good fishing, there is a USFS campground available at this high alpine getaway. While you’re here, take a drive to the summit of Trinity Mountain (if the road is not blocked by snow).

Featherville Dredge Pond – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. This former gravel pit is now a nice trout fishing pond with camping nearby. This is also referred to as Placer Pond. Here is a cool video highlighting the pond!

Lake Cleveland – 5,000 Rainbow Trout. First stocking event of the year for this popular lake!

Southeast Region

Crystal Springs Pond – 750 Rainbow Trout. This spring fed pond is always clear and cool! Located near Springfield, this family friendly pond has a paved walking path and docks for easy fishing access.

Mill Creek – 250 Rainbow Trout. Located about 15 miles north of Malad, this little creek flows in the shadows of Elkhorn Mountain. Fish will be stocked near the USFS Malad Summit Campground, so bring the whole family for an overnight camping adventure!


Montpelier Rearing Pond – 500 Rainbow Trout. This little fishing spot is tucked into a scenic high desert canyon at 6500 feet in the hills east of Montpelier. Anglers can fish the pond, or head ½ mile north up Crow Creek Road to Montpelier Reservoir.

Snake River below American Falls Dam – 4,000 Rainbow Trout. Fish will be stocked at Three Layer Park and Pipeline.

Upper Snake Region

Buffalo River – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. This tributary of the Henrys Fork provides one of many unique fishing opportunities in the Island Park area. Fish are stocked right near the Highway 20 bridge.

Henrys Fork – 6,700 Rainbow Trout. World Famous for trout fishing! The river is suitable for wade fishing, bank fishing and fishing from a boat.

Rigby Lake – 1,500 Rainbow Trout. Fishing is just one of the many family recreation opportunities available at this lake. Numerous campsites are available along with beaches for swimming, walking paths and a playground for the kids.

Snow Creek Pond – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. Also known as Teardrop Lake, it’s located off the beaten path northeast of Ashton in the Targhee National Forest. Be Bear Aware

Salmon Region

Iron Lake – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. Here is a beautiful, remote lake with good camping and fishing in Idaho’s backcountry, but be prepared to drive the rough and narrow mountain roads with switchbacks to get there. There is a Forest Service campground at the lake.

Josephus Lake #1 (400 Rainbow Trout) and Josephus Lake #2 (400 Rainbow Trout) – There are a few campsites available at the USFS Josephus Lake Campground and a hiking trail that heads west into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Pack it in, Pack it out!

Salmon River – Sections #5-8 will be stocked with a total of 10,880 Rainbow Trout.

  • Section #5 – O’Brien Campground to Torrey’s Hole
  • Section #6 – Lower Stanley to Sunbeam Hot Springs
  • Section #7 – Sunny Gulch Campground to Stanley
  • Section #8 – Decker Flats to Buckhorn Bridge

Yankee Fork Dredge Pond #1 – 1,200 Rainbow Trout. As part of a stream habitat restoration project, this pond was merged with a pool to the north with better access. There are several Forest Service campgrounds within a few miles. Historical sites, wildlife viewing, and extensive trails make this area an adventure destination.

Yankee Fork Dredge Pond #4 – 1,200 Rainbow Trout. This is the northernmost of several ponds along the Yankee Fork that have been historically stocked for anglers. Services are limited.