Inaugural iHollywood Film Fest Honored creativity and people transforming the arts

Coldplay’s Chris Martin opens up Honors with Emmanuel Kelly

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 / — Singer Emmanuel Kelly opened up the iHollywood Film Fest on with his Irish jokes. He soon discovered that while he led the jokes, the surprise was on him when ColdPlay’s Chris Martin came on in a pre-recorded video honoring him.“Emmanuel Kelly is such a wonderful man. He is someone who celebrates and encourages diversity and inclusion of all kinds of people all around the world. He’s someone I look up to and admire so much. His Never Alone challenge was wonderful, helping people to not feel so weird and lonely through the pandemic. It’s my honor to be part of his celebration. Well done Emmanuel, I love you, we love you, congratulations, bye.”

Emmanuel Kelly was honored with the iHollywood Film Fest award for inspiration. He is known for his inspiring performances after catching attention on “The X Factor” music competition on television. Emmanuel was joined with Chris Martin, Demi Lovato, Terrence Howard, J.K. Simmons, Elisabeth Moss and many more celebrities on his #NeverAlone and #NeverAloneChallenge advocating for global mental health with authentic unfiltered heartfelt words to and encourage people through the pandemic.

Honoree Emmanuel Kelly embodied the iHollywood Film Fest initial idea, to inspire and help others. The iHollywood Film Fest too was created due to the pandemic and even created a special category recognizing content created specifically during the pandemic as creatives were inspired. Beginning with creatives, it extended throughout the industry and Hollywood as festival were reminded how Hollywood itself represents the land of dreams.

Master Romio followed with opening blessings “It is Goddesses who will save this planet…every single woman on this planet is the female embodiment of the divine mother.” He is the seventeenth reincarnation of the master Tibetan Thangka painter Arniko and is the foremost master of Sacred Tibetan Calligraphy alive today. Master Romio is the artist and author behind ‘Celestial Goddesses’ and which can be seen in the MET museum in New York and art museums around the world.

Icon Awards were presented to honor individuals who inspired and transformed entertainment and culture. Recipients for 2021 honors were:

Scott Page for music and technology. Over the 4th of July weekend, Scott latest company launched selling their first NFT for $1.1 million with artist Ruby Mazur celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Rolling Stones “mouth and tongue”. Scott is recognized as the saxophonist/guitarist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto. His Think:EXP company is a live immersive media company.

Pamela Des Barres for women in rock and roll. She’s been linked to Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, Waylen Jennings and Don Johnson. Add Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison of The Doors, Frank Zappa, Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones leading to her authored best selling 1987 memoir “I’m with the Band” detailing her Los Angeles music scene experiences of the 1960s and 70s.

David Bianchi for innovation in film with “You Can’t Hear Me”. David created the art of “Spinema”, full of metaphors and symbolism, it spins the cinema experience through spoken word. He is the creator of the first ever, award-winning spoken word film to be minted as an NFT. David has had two projects which were won by MetaPurse, the owners of the $69 million Beeple collection.

Rachel McCord for transforming influence. She start empowering women, blending influencers with brands when Hollywood was just discovering influencers. Considered a “Vogue trendsetter” and “the influencer of influencers”, she has been host of “Social House” by MAGIC x The McCord List. She is one of the newest faces of Amazon Live with The McCord List, challenging the QVC shopping network.

Bai Ling for international actress. Bai Ling is recognized for her unbridled freedom and creativity and is one of the busiest actresses internationally earning accolades globally. Loving the craft of acting with well over a 100 credits, she is expanding making her CD debut with her first single called “REHAB” and is making her directorial debut film with much anticipated “My Quarantine Romance with Toilet Paper”.

Jill Sorenson for female empowerment. She has been the fearless warrior of Knockout Abuse West and pivotal in the campaign to knock out sex trafficking and domestic abuse. Jill has been transforming the modeling industry by building alliances with other Elite Models in Europe. “The New Feminist” is her podcast where she reports on breaking news affecting the modeling industry for a healthier image.

Specialty Awards were created for individuals and groups transforming our world. Recipients for 2021 honors are:

Christine Pelosi is being honored with the Change Maker Award for her tireless dedication to women’s rights over the past two decades. In technology she has been a true force of equality crusading consumer rights so everyone has a voice. Christine is the leading U.S. women and tech advocate lawyer for women’s rights in honor of U.S. Representative John Lewis.

Courtney Barriger is being honored with the Sustainability Award. In her lifelong journey as an artist and storyteller, she has self-financed and created several documentaries showcasing the world’s #1 polluter aka the global fashion industry. She has traveled to places like India and Vietnam, where in the course of her filmmaking she was threatened numerous times with arrest.

Impact Award for Lifetime Dedication is being awarded to Director Glenn Davis and Associate Producer Tiffany Woods for the cast and crew for a lifetime of hard work and dedication to the cause of Trans Human Rights for diversity, equality and inclusion for all. “Trans Francisco” was the first of its kind truly portraying the trans community in San Francisco in a way that truly sheds light on all of the struggles these women face in their fight for basic human rights.

The iHollywood Film Fest, International Hollywood Film Festival was held June 25-27, 2021 finishing July 6, 2021 with the audience awards. Over 53 films and panels, networking, industry and celebrity panels and Q&A’s, red carpets, after party and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). All films were screened virtually. I


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