Putin spoke of US attempts to maintain a monopoly position in the world

Russia’s economic sovereignty is growing, despite Western sanctions, and its defense capacity has in some ways surpassed many countries around the world, including the United States. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin during the annual “Hotline”, in which he answers on Russian state television to convenient questions from Russians selected by Kremlin.

“The period of the unipolar world is over. And you have to start from the fact that the world is changing and changing fast. No matter what sanctions are applied to Russia, no matter what they threaten us with, Russia is still developing, its economic sovereignty is increases, “Putin insisted, citing as an example the recommendations of analysts advising the US political class.

The Russian head of state noted that the US partners understood that the world was changing, but tried to maintain their monopoly position.

“Hence, please, threats and further destructive behavior – both with these exercises and with provocations, with sanctions,” he added.

At the same time, he stressed that the policy of sanctions against Russia has given impetus to programs to replace imported goods.