How Adam died: the opinion of Muslims

In Islam, as in Christianity, Adam is considered the first person. How did he die, according to Muslims?

Muslim sources say that Adam lived for about a thousand years. Adam was the first man, so he had a strong connection with God. Adam lived righteously and knew when he would die: the date of his departure to another world was told to him by God himself.

Before his death, Adam made a will, according to which his son Shisu received the staff and the seal of his father. In addition, Adam gave his son the sacred texts on the scrolls. And Adam also asked his son to punish Kabil, as the Muslims call Cain.

When Adam died, and this happened without illness and suffering, angels flew in to show Shisu how to wrap his body in a shroud. This was the first funeral rite on Earth, according to Muslims. After the death of Adam, everyone was buried according to the ritual approved by the angels.