In which countries did roaming fall on July 1?

In the first phase the price of roaming was reduced by up to 80%

As of tomorrow, roaming for telephone calls, SMS messages and the Internet between Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be abolished, MIA reported.

This will fully implement the Treaty of the Second Digital Summit of 2019 between the six countries of the Western Balkans.

The first phase of the implementation of the contract began in 2019, when the price of roaming was reduced by up to 80 percent, and tomorrow begins the second phase and the complete abolition of roaming.

The European Union is pushing for the abolition of roaming in telecommunications tariffs in the Western Balkans as a form of facilitating citizens’ communication.

Roaming between the countries of the Western Balkans will be abolished on July 1st, which means that citizens and businesses in the region will have more money in the budget, said Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council Majlinda Bregu. “Citizens will have a little more money in their pockets, the ones that would be spent if they paid these bills in the region because of roaming tariffs. Secondly, I think it is important to emphasize that not only has the number of people using the internet increased, but during the pandemic we realized that the time people spend on the internet has increased, which also adds some weight. “Bregu told Radio Free Europe. It was noted that young people in the region believe that facilitating roaming is useful, as well as freedom of movement, so this will be a great message for them as well.

Given that the pandemic has affected the economic development of the countries, the Regional Cooperation Council estimates that better cooperation between them can lead to significant savings.