Invasion of ladybugs on the North Black Sea coast

Invasion of ladybugs on the North Black Sea coast. Many people are impressed by the phenomenon. According to experts, it has a simple explanation.

“It is completely explainable with aphid calamity. In Varna, I think there were so many aphids about 20 years ago, but it is not unusual. And because the biggest enemy and favorite prey for ladybugs are aphids, so their population has developed very quickly, “said Dr. Antoaneta Toncheva, head of the municipal enterprise” DDD “- Varna.

And in order to restore the biological balance, in this case no human intervention is needed.

“When they reduce the food or eat most of the aphids, they will scatter themselves because they will go looking for food elsewhere,” explained Dr. Toncheva.

According to experts, ladybugs are in no way dangerous to humans, and their large number can melt literally in a day.

In 2019, in an unprecedented environmental action, the authorities in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte distributed … ladybugs. Residents received the insects in plastic containers.

The town hall of Belo Horizonte – the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, organized an environmental campaign in which residents were given more than 2,000 ladybugs.

According to the plan of the city authorities, insects should help in the fight against pests on green areas.

As part of the campaign, passers-by were given plastic containers with ladybugs to release not far from their homes, thus expanding their scope.