Putin‘s nephew decided to go to the State Duma elections

Roman Putin founded the political party Russia Without Corruption at the end of last year. Prior to that, for some time he headed the People Against Corruption party, which was liquidated in November 2020.

The cousin nephew of President Vladimir Putin, businessman Roman Putin has submitted documents for nomination as a candidate for the State Duma. RBC was informed about this by his assistant Maxim Kamenev.

“Yes, indeed, Roman Igorevich submitted documents for the 214th district of St. Petersburg on July 12,” he said. He promised to give other details later.

In an interview with Interfax, Kamenev said that Roman Putin will go to the polls as a self-nominated candidate.

In December last year, Roman Putin founded the political party Russia Without Corruption. The founding congress of the party took place on December 15. 106 delegates from 53 regions took part in it. They approved the charter and program of the party, and Putin was elected chairman by secret ballot.

In September 2020, the Ministry of Justice appealed to the Supreme Court with a demand to liquidate the People Against Corruption party, which was chaired by Roman Putin. This party was created in 2013. Roman Putin joined it on June 21 last year, and in early July became its chairman. Then Putin said that the party’s primary task would be to participate in regional elections in September, and then in elections to the State Duma, where the party does not have a faction. At the same time, Putin noted that he has many plans “in the most diverse spheres of state activity.” In November, the Supreme Court, at the request of the Ministry of Justice, liquidated the People Against Corruption party.

The CEC warned of the possible liquidation of the party of Putin’s nephew

Roman Putin is the son of Igor Putin, the president’s cousin. He is the director of OOO Putin Consulting. According to the SPARK database, the company is wholly owned by him. Until 2015, it was called Putin Consulting Ltd and was established in the UK. In addition, he heads the Zvezda Oil company, which produces petroleum products, and is also the owner of Arbat Neftegaz (fuel wholesale) and Partner Vostok (automotive parts wholesale).

Voting in the elections to the State Duma and regional elections at various levels will take place within three days – from 17 to 19 September. As part of the September elections in Russia, the State Duma of the eighth convocation will be elected (225 deputies according to the lists and 225 in single-mandate constituencies), heads of nine regions (three more will be elected by regional parliaments), as well as deputies of legislative bodies of state power in 39 constituent entities of the country.

Roman Putin (Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti)