The bird is dead: are the Jews of Europe and the United States sitting on their suitcases again?

About the despair of the Jewish communities in the West. About the shock of the progressive Jews of America. The growing acceptance of the definition of anti-Semitism. About the governments of Western Europe who gave up their hands. About the situation in the United States in general. On whether President Trump will return. About aliyah. And … about the firebird. The bird is dead: are the Jews of Europe and the United States sitting on their suitcases again?

Instead of an epigraph: “canary in a mine” – an expression in the English-speaking culture, denoting a hazard indicator. In the past, miners took with them a cage containing a canary, a bird that is highly sensitive to methane and carbon monoxide impurities in the air. If the canary died, it meant that the accumulation of firedamp in the mine reached a dangerous level, and you should immediately leave the mine.

Despair in Jewish communities: there is no more strength to pretend everything is in order

Perhaps even until 2020, many European Jews, and even more so their American counterparts, continued to stubbornly insist that, they say, this whole wave of misfortunes and troubles will soon subside, convincing themselves that Europe remains the safest place for them. or the United States.

But then came the “covid” epidemic and revived a long-standing enmity towards the Jews simply because they, the Jews, are famous “poisoners of the wells.” And in May 2021, this was added to the re-inflamed anti-Semitic Muslim hatred, which rose in a mighty wave from the South-East and surged into the North-West, covering countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

Back in 2014, Western Jewish communities exuded complacency and confidence in the future. Now everything has completely changed. Now the Jews are confused and scared. And they radiate only despair and suffering. They remove the mezuzahs from the front doors, which previously emphasized their Jewishness, and now betray it treacherously. They remove Jewish symbols from their clothes. They leave Jewish communal organizations or simply do not dare to be exposed there anymore. And of course, they stay quieter than water and below the grass in university buildings, disguising themselves and hiding their Jewish identity as deeply as possible. Some of them even change their too Jewish-sounding surnames.

Against the backdrop of hundreds of anti-Semitic incidents in the past month alone, it seems that this time Jews in the West have lost heart. Now they are simply beaten in the streets just because they dare to be Jews and not hide it. So it is now in Germany. In Austria, a passenger who read a book on a train with the word “Jew” in its title was harassed and humiliated. In London, a nurse with a Star of David around her neck faced threats. In Belgium, an ultra-Orthodox Jew heard in her address: “Get out, you dirty Jewess.” And there are hundreds and even thousands of similar cases. “But the reaction this time is not at all what it would have been before, but pessimism,” notes the remarkable journalist Knaan Lifshitz, who writes on Jewish topics for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

In Belgium, the president of the League Against Anti-Semitism, Joel Rubinfeld, bitterly admits that he is unlikely to be able to continue living in this country with his wife and two children: “I used to think that I can, but now I doubt it.”

Brigitte Wilhiesen, renowned journalist and terrorist from the Netherlands, confirms: “After years of fighting anti-Semitism, I became convinced that all my efforts were in vain. The fight against this disease has become hopeless. If the Jews are the famous canary in the coal mine, then it’s time to admit: this bird is no longer alive.”

Yes, the bird is dead.

Progressives’ shock: Jews thrown into a landfill

It was the Jews who founded the socialist movement in America in their time, headed the trade union committees and started talking about “social justice” – even before other Americans even knew about the existence of all these concepts.

It was the Jews who undertook to defend the rights of blacks, defending and promoting them.

So they were now quite confident that, like the American left, they were not in danger. They didn’t notice that a similar process had already taken place in Britain. Jews were identified with the Labor Party. There were even “Jews” at its head, such as the communist Ed Milliband. Therefore, they considered it to be the party of their minority. But the Labor Party still became demonstratively anti-Semitic. Even though the anti-Semitic fervor in this party faded somewhat after the ouster of its recent leader and radical anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn. Today the overwhelming majority of Jews have already left this British party, with the exception of perhaps the most anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish “Jews.”

As soon as Muslims flooded to the United States, Jews began to pay the price. Now they are shocked by the loss of their rights, which seemed to them so unshakable, but now melted, as if they never existed.

Today, Jews in the United States are perceived as white, wealthy, “privileged,” colonists, and enemies of progressives. And, of course, those who love to talk about justice – they have become the main anti-Semites today. Gee! “Progress”, as it turned out, led them back to full-blown anti-Semitism.

American Jews, marginalized and out of influence in their country, have only one way – to become citizens of Israel. Only in this way will they actually be able to enter the stage of history. Only by stopping to deal with other people’s problems, they will be able to embark on the path of real correction of the world.

Aliya begins to revive

For the first time since the beginning of the epidemic, aliyah begins to revive. Not all airports have already opened, the offices of the Jewish Agency have not reopened everywhere, and many Jews still cannot make up their minds. But anti-Semitism pushes, hits and kicks them away from the countries of exile. And the lists of Jews waiting in line for aliyah include tens of thousands of names …

In April, 2,452 repatriates arrived in Israel. In total, the annual rate was 22,800 – and this is due to the previous months, which were relatively weak due to the restrictions imposed by the epidemic in Israel and the countries of origin.

In April, repatriates arrived from the following countries: Russia – 842 people, Ukraine – 364, USA – 235, France – 208, India – 144, Kazakhstan – 106, Brazil – 99, Argentina – 60, South Africa – 56, Great Britain – 45, etc.

Source: Gplanet website