What is the difference between red and yellow tomatoes?

It turns out that red and yellow tomatoes differ not only in color but also in the substances they contain. Here is exactly the difference between them. How do red tomatoes differ from yellow ones? The color of tomatoes is determined by the substances anthocyanins – plant pigments with high biological activity.

Yellow tomatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which is essential for balancing the immune system, strengthening bones and preventing various eye diseases.

The red color of tomatoes is due to the lycopene contained in them – a powerful natural antioxidant that is not synthesized in the human body, but obtained from the outside. It is important for the maintenance of the cardiovascular system, helps strengthen memory and the efficient functioning of the brain. The taste of yellow tomatoes seems sweeter due to the low content of vitamin C in them. For this reason, yellow varieties of tomatoes are more suitable for people with allergic diseases. And very often yellow cherry tomatoes are recommended for baby food.

Another important difference between yellow and red tomatoes is the higher pulp content and less juice, which is important in the preparation of some dishes, such as salads or sandwiches. But for this reason, and also because of the low content of vitamin C, yellow tomatoes are less suitable for canning.

Red tomatoes always have a more pronounced taste and aroma. That is why many people love red varieties. By the way, if the aroma is important to you, try to buy products on a twig.

This guarantees maximum freshness and as long as possible the preservation of the aroma of fresh tomatoes, even in the supermarket.

Breakfast with red or cocktail tomatoes is recommended for athletes during intense pre-competition exercise. In this way, they will get the necessary energy without gaining weight. Tomato juice successfully copes with the same task. Keep in mind, however, that for some people, red tomatoes (as well as freshly made tomato juice) can cause allergies.

What are brown tomatoes?

These are the kumato tomatoes. It is worth trying them fresh – this way you can best appreciate their unusual taste. But they are also suitable for cooking. The main benefits of dark tomatoes are due to the content of anthocyanins – substances with a proven preventive effect against cardiovascular disease. Exotic brown color and unusually juicy flesh are the main characteristics of this vegetable, which makes it suitable for salads and main dishes.