/EIN News/ — United States, Ohio, Mansfield, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — If you haven’t heard of a Onewheel yet, you’ve been living under a rock. Onewheel is exactly what it sounds like – a single wheel, self-balancing electric skateboard. This one-wheeled craft has been considered a sport and recreational hobby, and it has been there to cater to adventure junkies and sports enthusiasts since 2014.  

The Onewheel community of sports enthusiasts and adventure junkies is known to be creative. They are always in search of ways how to fuel their thirst for adrenaline-filled activities. This holds true to their gears and equipment: they would always want an upgrade to elevate the experience.  

Speaking of which, this was how FlightFins were born. Two brothers shared the same burning passion for Onewheel took the sport to the next level. The patented and revolutionary line of FlightFins products and accessories are elevating the Onewheel sport experience since 2017.  

How FlightFins Started

FlightFins started off in 2017 when brothers Orie Rush and Michael Woolson created a prototype for a game-changing OneWheel accessory; a foot handle. With easy mounting and dismounting, FlightFins would allow riders to jump the OneWheel for the first time over curbs during urban rides and over various obstacles for trail rides.  

Soon after they made the prototype, they launched their first crowdsourcing campaign to kickstart the production of their premiere product. Within 48hours, the Fins were fully funded, and their company was born. Since then, they have created multiple partnerships and OneWheel accessories to benefit the community.  

You can fly high and perform cool tricks with FlightFins Lightweight, convertible, and practically roll-proof, FlightFins send it as hard as you do while maintaining an aerodynamic aesthetic and quiet ride. This feature makes it far easier to transition from rough to smooth terrains, and perform carving, nudging curbs or plate sliding like never before.  

Here are the compelling reasons why you should get yourself FlightFins and invest in their customizable accessories for a whole new Onewheel experience.  

Easy Control

The foot handle is definitely a game-changer because of its premier design, which allows users to mount and dismount with ease. You can lock your feet into position to stabilize and control the OneWheel and unlock when necessary, hassle-free.  

Jump Any Obstacle: Experience Smoother Ride

Before, jumping with a Onewheel was just a dream. Thanks to FlightFins, it allows users to jump curbs and other obstacles that you would have to dismount to pass. This offers a smoother travel method with the right dose of adrenaline when it comes to terrains and tricks. Gone are the days when you need to look for alternative paths, say hi to everything that comes your way – bumps, tree roots, logs or broken/uneven sidewalks.  

Easy-out Design

Bailing is important. Their easy-out, no-binding design allows your feet to slide out from underneath the Fins, meaning you can eject quickly and safely.  

Versatile: Do Anything With FlightFins

The FlightFins product line offers a new level of versatility and control for nudges, slides, and bonks. You can take advantage of this versatility when carving or plate sliding, and through regular use, become a OneWheel FlightFin grand master.

FlightFins Lets You Ride Your Onewheel in More Ways You Can Imagine

Your imagination is the limit! Experience newer ways to ride your Onewheel with FlightFins. Elevate your ride to the next level through deeper carving, dominate trails, and conquer curbs like never before.  

FlightFin’s FullFlight System provides the complete FlightFins experience in one kit. It lets you customize colorways, and it is available for Onewheel V1, Plus, XR and Pint.

More information about FlightFins

FlightFins was founded in 2017 following a successful crowdsourcing campaign based on their unique and premier foot handle design. Since then, they have created multiple partnerships and OneWheel accessories to benefit the Onewheel community. Their signature products include the patented FlightFins and FlightFender as well as the beloved Whisper tire (the FF Hoosier Street) and T2 tire (The FF Hoosier Terrain 2) which are compatible with the OneWheel Xr and OneWheel Pint.  

View their products and learn more by looking at their official website: https://www.flightfins.com/.

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