The smart balance board “Plankpad” wins design and innovation awards

High-Plank on the Plankpad

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German Innovation Award

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German Design Award

The smart core and total body trainer has won the German Design Award 2021 and the German Innovation Award 2021.

MUNICH, GERMANY, June 28, 2021 / — In retrospect, the idea sounds brilliantly simple: to build a balance board from a wooden board for the forearm support (plank) as one of the most effective training exercises ever and to develop game apps for the smartphone or tablet to playfully get in shape and work on your six-pack. The result was the simply ingenious Plankpad – Designed in Germany! The jurors of the German Innovation Award and the German Design Award agree and have awarded the Plankpad with gold. The Plankpad is the world’s first app-based full-body trainer that combines workouts with games.

Instead of just fighting the clock, the app (available for iOS and Android) motivates intense workouts through varied games. Simply place your smartphone or tablet on the board, lean on it in the plank position, and control the games through your movements. The games challenge your playful ambition and distract you from the strenuous workout. You focus on the game and keep up the forearm support quite incidentally – and significantly longer. The app can also be streamed to any smart TV, turning the workout in the living room into an event for the whole family.

German Innovation Award Winner 2021
Plankpad received the German Innovation Award 2021 in the Travel, Sports and Outdoor Goods category for its innovative approach and was recognized for its excellent “business to consumer” quality. The jury’s statement sums up the concept nicely: “Plankpad is the first app-supported balance whole-body trainer. The minimalist design and ergonomic proportions enable dynamic planking and stand up balancing. The app synchronized with the board offers exciting games and professional workouts. It motivates users of almost any age. The highly efficient Plank exercises train all important muscle groups simultaneously. In combination with the smartphone, Plankpad becomes a sportification and gamification tool. Via TV streaming, Plankpad turns into a surfboard, for example, and becomes an experience for the whole family. Plankpad makes exercising fun, helps prevent back pain, and promotes edutainment and fitness training for kids. The Plankpad app will be successively expanded with games, workouts and learning content.”

German Design Award Winner 2021
In the category Sports, Outdoor, Activities and Leisure, the Plankpad Studio Edition receives the German Design Award 2021 with its extraordinary product design. The simplicity, contemporary design and high effectiveness convinced the jury of the full-body trainer: “The simple, contemporary designed and highly effective product follows the trend towards digitalization in sports with a combination of app and multi-purpose board. This allows for a variety of exercises tailored specifically to the user’s profile.”

The combination of app and multipurpose board not only enables a variety of specially tailored exercises for the user, but it also follows the trend of digitalization in sports. And thus makes it one of the design products of the year.

Playfully to the six pack
Planking is one of the most effective exercises ever, but it’s also one of the most boring. To make planking more interesting and fun for everyone, André Reinegger, founder of Plankpad, developed the interactive balance board. The Plankpad creates an exciting and comfortable combination of fun and sport to stay in shape while playing. It is versatile and fun for all ages, genders, beginners and professional athletes. The dynamic Plank workouts have also made it the focus of trainers, orthopedists and professional athletes. In addition to toned abs and increased stability, the exercises improve posture and can prevent back pain.

Very amusing are the various games, e.g. “Duck Shoot” or “Wave Rider”, which train arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, buttocks and legs simultaneously and highly efficiently. By moving left and right to control the game, the body becomes the controller, thus working even more muscles. In just a few minutes a day you can build muscle, burn fat and improve overall posture.

About Plankpad
The Plankpad, developed by Aachen-based Hallo Products GmbH, is the first app-supported total body trainer that combines workout and games. The Plankpad creates an exciting and comfortable combination of fun and sport. It is versatile and entertaining for every age, gender, beginners and professionals. Thanks to the app it improves the training motivation and leads to faster results. The Plankpad has an aesthetic design and is made of high-quality maple wood in walnut look and a soft surface, with room for a smartphone or tray. Plankpad comes with its own app.

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