Turkish test for COVID gives 99% accuracy and is ready in a minute

Turkey has begun mass production of a new test developed in the country, which with 99 percent accuracy detects the presence of a coronavirus in just 10 seconds, Turkish private television CNN-Turk reported.

The coronavirus detection system, called Diagnovir, is based on nanotechnology and has already passed reliability tests.

According to the rector of Bilkent University, who developed the project, Prof. Abdullah Atalar, the new system, which quickly gives reliable results, can take the place of previous PCR tests.

He pointed out that various institutions from all over the world are interested in her, including the German Football League.

“We believe that this is a system without an analogue in the world,” added Prof. Atalar.

If the result of the test with “Diagnovir” is positive, then it takes only 5-10 seconds to read. It takes 20-30 seconds to confirm a negative result, Turkish scientists explained.