The quest for an autonomous EU-China relationship generates tensions among the EU 27 –

The French president makes European partners uncomfortable with his statements on the need to distance himself from the US on foreign policy, with reference to Taiwan. Poland revolts as Germany says the EU cannot be “indifferent”.

Article by Irene Castro – Correspondent in Brussels for ELDIARIO.ES – Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) Translated by The European Times.

A cooperative partner, a difficult competitor and a systemic rival. Three definitions that may even seem contradictory to define the EU’s relationship with China. These are the rules of the game that the leaders of the EU-27 established last October in the run-up to the preparations for the search for a rapprochement with the Asian giant, which is revealing the differences in the European club and even bringing tensions to the surface.

The EU has long been searching for its place in a polarised world. While Brussels has been engaged in preparing for the US-China trade war and much of its policies in recent months have been aimed at minimising dependence on Xi Jinping’s regime in the face of mistrust, the EU has been reviving diplomatic relations at various levels without losing sight of the strategic relationship with the United States.

“Efforts are moving in the same direction. Nobody in Europe, whatever you call the government or the member of the Commission, wants to disengage from China and go to two blocs in this world. Everyone says we need to engage…

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